Case Study

Bio-Scrubber® Tower System, Livermore, CA

Clogged nozzle at Livermore's Bio-Scrubber Tower System

Project in Brief

  • Project Name: Bio-Scrubber® Tower System Evaluation
  • Location: Livermore, CA
  • Installation Date: June 2016
  • Source of Problems: Exhaust Fans and Ductwork
  • System Type: Bio-Scrubber
  • Media Type: Crater-Max®
  • H2S Removal Efficiency: >99%

The Situation

The Bio-Scrubber® system at the primary treatment facility was in need of an upgrade of existing equipment and the media bed. GES Biotek was called in to inspect and review the 21-year-old Bio-Scrubber® and suggest corrective action.

Inspection revealed that the Crater-Max® media bed was still in good shape, but there were several minor problems with system components. Some spray nozzles were completely clogged, resulting in inconsistent liquid distrubition and dry patches in the media bed. Sump grating was caked with material build-up, and and the mist eliminator module was contaminated with a thick sludge. Other problems included an improperly sized recirculating pump, inoperable differential pressure gauge, and damage to several components as a result of leakage and overflows.

The Solution

Most of the problems were the result of age and maintenance of the system components. The staff maintenance and operations personnel were assembled for a training class. The findings from the inspection were reviewed in detail, and operational corrections were suggested. A Bio-Scrubber® Operation and Maintenance manual was distributed to each participant with a review of the correct operation and checklist for maintenance of all equipment.

Additional Case Studies

Enhanced Cell-Max installed at Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Enhanced Cell-Max™, Crater-Max®

GES Biotek installed a dual-media ecosystem to properly distribute the foul air and remove all complex odors and VOCs.

Enhanced Cell-Max installed at Woodlands Pump Station, Cary, NC

Woodlands Pump Station, Cary, NC

Enhanced Cell-Max™

GES Biotek manufactures engineered nutrient-rich open-cell substrate from recycled glass material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Crater-Max installed at Headworks Bar Screen Project, Hayward, CA

Headworks Bar Screens Project, Hayward, CA


Biofilter beds were refitted with porous Crater-Max® media, which served as the ecosystem for the microorganism growth.

sprinkler bed

Monte Verdi WWTP, Clovis, CA

Fiber-Max™, Crater-Max®

GES Biotek supplied and installed filtration media and components for the plant's new concrete biofilter.