Case Study

Woodlands Pump Station, Cary, NC

Enhanced Cell-Max installed at Woodlands Pump Station, Cary, NC

Project in Brief

  • Project Name: Woodlands Pump Station
  • Location: Cary, NC
  • Installation Date: 2016
  • Source of Odors: Pump Station
  • System Type: Biofilter
  • Media Type: Enhanced Cell-Max™
  • Airflow: 1,800 cfm
  • H2S Removal Efficiency: >99.3%

The Situation

AMD Solutions contacted Froehlich Environmental PLC in August 2015 to performance test the Odor Control Biofilters installed for Cary, North Carolina. The goal was to show that they satisfied the performance requirements enumerated in the project’s technical specifications.

The Solution

A performance verification was conducted. Hydrogen sulfide outlet concentrations were to collected every 10-minutes at two locations on the biofilter bed using a dual flux chambers. The sample stream was drawn from the two equidistant chambers for a 50/50 blend of the corner and mid-bed samples.

The Woodlands odor control biofilter performed significantly better than required, demonstrating greater than 99.9% hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency with outlet H2S concentrations never exceeding 12 ppb, thereby more than satisfying the performance specification.

Additional Case Studies

Hono'uli'uli Biofilters filled with Enhanced Cell-Max media

Hono'uli'uli WWTP, Honolulu, HI

Enhanced Cell-Max™

Three biofilters required outfitting with a complete odor control system, including all media, equipment and accessories.

Enhanced Cell-Max installed at Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Enhanced Cell-Max™, Crater-Max®

GES Biotek installed a dual-media ecosystem to properly distribute the foul air and remove all complex odors and VOCs.

Crater-Max installed at Headworks Bar Screen Project, Hayward, CA

Headworks Bar Screens Project, Hayward, CA


Biofilter beds were refitted with porous Crater-Max® media, which served as the ecosystem for the microorganism growth.

Bio-Filter irrigation

Bio-Scrubber® Tower System, Livermore, CA


GES Biotek was called in to determine the cause of recent drops in system efficiency and suggest corrective action.