GES Nutrients

GES Nutrients

GES 1578 Super Nutrients are formulated as a supplement to enhance the growth of acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and ferroxidans microorganisms in a biological scrubber ecosystem where the primary food source is H2S in the foul air stream.

Cell-Max Close Up

The formula is in a concentrated liquid form requiring only one-part nutrient to 3,500 parts of water (3,500:1 ratio). The nutrients are available in either 5-gallon buckets or 260-gallon totes.

Case Studies

Check out what GES media has done for these installations.

sprinkler bed

Monte Verdi WWTP, Clovis, CA

Fiber-Max™, Crater-Max®

GES Biotek supplied and installed filtration media and components for the plant's new concrete biofilter.

Enhanced Cell-Max installed at Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto, CA

Enhanced Cell-Max™, Crater-Max®

GES Biotek installed a dual-media ecosystem to properly distribute the foul air and remove all complex odors and VOCs.

Bio-Scrubber towers

Bio-Scrubber® Tower System, Stockton, CA


Decontamination and remediation was required to restore this two-tower system with new Cell-Max™ media, screen, and support system.

Additional Products



Rigid, acid-resistant media designed for the treatment of high levels of H2S in Bio-Scrubbers®.



Specifically engineered and processed for chemical resistance, size, and optimum surface area for H2S removal.

Enhanced Cell-Max

Enhanced Cell-Max™

All of the benefits of high-performance engineered biofilter media, but at a quarter of the weight.



A proprietary blend of organic materials for the removal of complex odors and VOCs.